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    CLEANMASTER High Pressure Hook cleaning unit
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    TRANSPORTMASTER Empty-hook transport system

    Haken-Fördertechnik Empty hook conveyance to
    the unloading point

    With the TRANSPORTMASTER empty hook conveyer system you have an extremely cost-effective system.

    Acording to your needs, in both equipment and volume, the system can be designed for transport tasks between two points only, or it can be devised for the entire range of the hook transport procedure, including the empty hook entry control, cleaning, servicing of all temporary storage facilities up to the automatic electronic target control of all important areas in the slaughtering and cutting process.

    The supply and removal of hooks is carried out by pneumatic turning switches. The points of need are automatically supplied on demand by sensors. This means that there is no delay in accessing cleaned hooks.

    The conveyers consist of modules up to 24 m. in length which can be individually operated and controlled.

    The transport of hooks between the conveyers is carried out by sloping gradients which can be, for example, shaped as a bend and which permit directional changes of up to 180° as well as down - ward and upward gradients of up to 27°.

    Each conveyer is at the same time a storage point for hooks. The storage capacity is calculated according to the width of the skid e.g. 25 Euro-hooks per metre.

    Haken-Fördertechnik Switches to various unloading
    points are planned and
    mounted according to needs
    Haken-Fördertechnik Empty hook storage in interior
    and exterior areas in the
    smallest space possible
    Haken-Fördertechnik Fully automatic removal of
    distorted hooks

    Transportmaster - Empty-hook conveyers

    Empty-hook conveyers and elevators combined together form a conveyor and storage system for empty hooks that can be quickly mounted and easily modified when needed.  



    CHECKMASTER incoming hooks inspection for standard hooks

    In many slaughterhouses the incoming hook inspection is a weak point.

    Inaccurate information on precise quantities and constantly incoming nonstandard and defective hooks cause a permanent need for replacements.
    Not to mention the costs of manual hook control performed by employees.


    • incoming hooks are checked electronically
    • non-standard and defective hooks are sorted out
    • the result is documented by a printed voucher.


    If you have queries about the Transportmaster conveyer system or if you need further information, we will be happy to advise you >> contact <<
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