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    CLEANMASTER High Pressure Hook cleaning unit
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    HÖCKER TRANSPORTMASTER-conveyer system
    for medium weight loads up to 25 kg.
    In manufacturing plants there is an ongoing attempt to optimise  the manufacturing process.

    With the re- structuring of a production area, it sometimes happens that existing production lines are interrupted for various reasons and this can cause
    considerable internal transport problems..
    This system can operate at speeds between 1 and 15 metres per minute.

    The low-noise system equipment requires hardly any maintenance and is mounted under the ceiling which means that all the normal working processes happening on the floor
    remain completely unaffected..
    At the points of need, the line is lowered to the requested height level for manual or automatic loading / unloading etc.

    Individually designed carrier hooks can fulfil a multitude of different transport tasks.

    With the Transportmaster conveyer system, Höcker can now provide a space- and cost  saving solution for
    internal transportation for loads up to 25 kg.

    In the food industry, this continuously operating system can, for example, carry EURO trays to their respective
    points of need..

    If requested, this system can be extended with fully automatic loading, unloading and emptying stations. It is equally suitable for the supplying of folded, open cardboard boxes to food packaging stations and for many other transport tasks.


    Carrier hook for empty EURO trays

    If the system is used for carrying empty EURO trays, more than 1500 trays can
    be conveyed per hour by means of a double hook system. The lowering of the line
    at the required position allows a continuous loading and unloading of the line,
    including automatically.

    Kistentransportbahn Entnahme Kistentransportbahn Entnahme

    Automatic unloading of the trays

    The unloading of the trays is sensor-activated on the roller belt when trays are needed.  


    Automatic loading of trays

    Once the trays have been taken off the carrier hooks, the empty hooks are automatically re-loaded. A conveyer belt on both sides will take the trays to the loading station. When the sensor detects a free carrier hook, the tray is brought into a preset position which allows the rising empty carrier hook to slide inside the tray and lift it up. A comfortable PLC unit (Siemens S7) assures a fully automatic and trouble-free functioning in all areas.


    Individual carrier systems

    There is a wide choice of hooks, carriers and trays which are individually designed and
    adapted according to the specific task.

    Kistenträger Transportmaster   Kistentraeger Transportmaster

    Carrier for empty and for full EURO trays

    After unloading empty trays, full trays can be taken on at he loading station.



    for boxes, cardboard boxes
    and various sized transport

    Schale Transportmaster
    Kartontraeger Transportmaster
    Bauteilträger Transportmaster


    various types and sizes for
    a range of products, with or
    without automatic emptying or cleaning

    Individual cardboard
    box carriers

    for open, folded cardboard boxes

    Carrier for

    for transporting


    If you have any queries about the Transportmaster conveyer system or if you need further information, we will be happy to advise you.>> Contact <<
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