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    CLEANMASTER Ultrasonic Hook Cleaning Unit

    The CLEANMASTER ultrasonic units for meat hooks carry out the cleaning very quickly and economically, e.g. up to 1,500 Euro-hooks per hour. The ultrasonic unit can be used in combination with the empty hook conveyer system and can be integrated with already existing hook transport systems, for example in a hanging position underneath the ceiling. Cleaning is carried out after the filling of hooks to the loading unit, which is dipped in the cleaning tank and treated with ultrasound.

    At the end of the ultrasonic treatment the hooks are showered with hot water as they are lifted out to remove detergent and any remaining contamination. A continuous filter system permits a permanent cleaning of the detergent solution which is re-dosed as necessary. All operations are controlled by a SIEMENS SPS control unit and operated by a touch-screen and indicated as follows:

    • time of the daily start up and shut down with automatic self-cleaning
    • concentrate dosage and temperature of the washing solution
    • duration of the ultrasonic treatment

    With the CLEANMASTER ultrasonic unit you have a perfect proven and tested cleaning system which has been installed world-wide by HÖCKER since 1994!

    On request detailed information is available about:

    • deliverable cleaning units with their capacity per hour
    • technical data with dimensions/sizes
    • consumption figures


    If you have queries about the ultra-sound cleaning system or need further information, we are happy to advise you. >> contact us <<


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