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    Smooth stainless steel surfaces thanks to electrolytic polishing

    ... thanks to polished surfaces

    In general, all stainless steel products and
    containers have surfaces which require a
    certain effort to clean. Depending on the
    type of finish (brushed / blasted),  the 'real'
    surface can be up to 60 times bigger !

    Thanks to electrolytic polishing, it is possible
    to reduce this coarseness by up to 85%.

    The polished surfaces assure an optimum
    of cleanliness and hygiene as required in
    the food processing industry.

    Furthermore, the quality of the product as
    well as its storage life can thus be improved.

    Höcker can deliver with immediate effect these carts as well as many other products in an electrolytic polished version at no additional cost.
    Höcker offers a surface upgrading / electrolytic polishing for existing unpolished equipment.

    Look out for this sign in our catalogue:



      Rauchwagen e-poliert

    Rolli e-poliert





    The research evidence... 

    ...from the University of Applied Sciences, Osnabrück, on the topic of electrolytic polishing can be found on the following page:

    >> Click here for the research results <<




    If you have queries about the polished surfaces or need further information, we are happy to advise you. >> contact us <<


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