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    History of the "Euro hook"

    On 1st April, 1968, businessman Burkhard Höcker of Osnabrück founded a company which sold meat transport
    hooks to abattoirs in Germany. With the growth of modern, high-performance slaughtering companies, meat transport by lorry increased. Linked with this for all parties was the manual transfer of the meat, for example from the seller’s hook on to the lorry and from there to the recipient.

    On behalf of a slaughtering company HÖCKER was charged with the development of a hook which was suitable for the transport by lorry of meat, such as pork halves, beef quarters or other allotted parts up to 250 kg.

    The aim of this was to load the meat on dispatch onto a tubular track on the vehicle by means of a telescopic rail. The advantages: about 9 hours timesaving and less loss of coldness during the loading process as well as shorter standing times at the ramps. These advantages were also available to the recipient/buyer, if they had the same meat transport hooks which could then be given in exchange to the deliverer.

    In order to differentiate the new hooks from the then used standard hooks, which were of similar size but lighter in weight, the new internal “standard hooks” were given a visual marking in the form of labelling with “01-E” and a hole in the skid.

    More and more companies embraced the idea of these “standard hooks”. In April 1982 these hooks, developed by Höcker and sold as “01-E hooks”, were registered at the Standardisation Office in Düsseldorf and allocated the DIN 5047 (Euro-hooks) number.

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